May 2


i went onto gobos page and added the “when green flag is clicked” botton

i just made sure that it went back before starting again

you need to make sure that that it is on turn 360 degrees

added a “set rotation style left-right”under “if on edge bounce” inside forever did the job

just make sure that everything is inside the repet and add more meows

May 2

10 Blocks


  • What was difficult about using only  the 10 blocks?

You had to think about what you REALLY wanted

  • What was easy about using only the 10 blocks?

it could be simply-didst have to be extravagant

  • How did it make you think of things differently?

you need to think smarter and cleaner

  • Where you able to do what you originally intended to do?


April 18

NewsPaper- Robots Review

The Movie- Robots Review

Why did the movie feel the need to use robots?

The movie didn’t really think of “Why” they wanted to use robots- because it is just the whole story line- but they do want the movie to be enjoyable to young watchers and they want it to be engaging and out of the ordinary.

Was it supposed to be futuristic?

The robots were not supposed to be the image of robots in the future- but more of an childish illusion of them for this particular movie. Although the silver “elite” ones were supposed to be a more futuristic version, then the coloured  rusty ones

What was the main message for this movie?

The message of this movie is that no matter what you look like or who you are you can still make your dreams come true, No one is better then you we are all equals- and to stand up for what is right

Were the robots supposed to be realistic?

The robots image was for the child imagination- but then realistic enough so that adults and scientists, mechanics could also identify them. They were also supposed to be oddly shaped and laughable- so with humor as well

How are robots represented?

The robots were represented in a way that can include both future, reality and imaginative versions of them. They had some metal, clean robots for futuristic minds, some colored ones and then some oddly shaped ones as well for little kids enjoyment.


Unknown.1Unknown   Wikirobots/robotmovie/

March 21


Figure 8

My role was mainly the one who does everything 🙂 i did most of the engineering like 90% of the work

To break down the problem was quiet easy. i just kinda just though what do i want to do, this is how it works and this is how you program is.

we were very successful- overtime it worked. the main difficulty was controlling both of the wheels separately

i would SEARCH up how i do it because before i just kept going through and trying every possible options

“After completing these challenges i have learnt” have to successfully program an lego  Mind storm.